Alexandru Ciubotariu

Alexandru CiubotariuAlexandru Ciubotariu 11* 1979 in Călăraşi / Romania. Art preparatory school in Constanța, studied graphic arts in Iaşi. His inspiration includes Egon Schiele, Fernando Botero, Moebius and Livia Rusz, among others.  Comics have fascinated him since childhood, and of course he read Pif. His comics repertoire consists of classic comics for children as well as graphically experimental comics that are in part autobiographical. He has shown his work in Europe and the US, and his publications are distributed internationally. His Pisic apat rata came out in 2010, the first album on street art in Romania. He founded the Comics Museum and has curated multiple exhibits. He lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Bucharest.