Balázs Gróf

Grof_BalazsBalazs Grof 20* in Pécs / Hungary. Art degree from Pécs University. In 1996, the cul­tural pro­gram book­let Pécsi Est pub­lished his first comics series Flinter. Even today his comics are a stan­dard com­po­nent of  this pub­li­ca­tion through­out all of Hungary. Magazines such as Roham and Stripburger have printed his work. Exhibitions in Hungary, Portugal, Belgium and Serbia. Participant in the Grrr!Festival 2006 in Pančevo, Serbia. He is active in pro­mot­ing con­nec­tions between the Hungarian and Scandinavian comics scenes. Gróf also works as video and ani­ma­tion artist, com­mer­cial artist and jour­nal­ist. He cur­rently lives in Pécs.