Boris Stanić

TEXTOHREN SER - RZ.inddBoris Stanic 48* 1984 in Pančevo / Serbia. Studied at the Belgrade Academy of Art. He began read­ing comics as a child, inspired by his father who is still a huge fan of comics. Only after com­plet­ing his stud­ies, how­ever, did he dis­cover comics as his artis­tic medium. From that point on, he has never stopped draw­ing. His sto­ries inter­twine per­sonal expe­ri­ences, emo­tions, his­tor­i­cal con­texts and Serbian myths. Stanić prefers rough ink sketches using old, worn brushes and quill pens. Exhibitions and pub­li­ca­tions have earned him inter­na­tional atten­tion (Radosav – Morning Fog, The Swamp). He cur­rently lives in Pančevo.