Ciril Horjak

Ciril Horjak, portretfoto: Robert BalenCiril Horjak 23Born in Slovenj Gradec/Slovenia in 1975. He grad­u­ated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and pub­lished his first comic book, Ride, in 2003. He went on to pro­duce the first Slovenian text­book about comics, The Smallest Great Encyclopedia of Comics. His present style is mostly car­i­cat­ural and real­is­tic. Furthermore, Horjak, alias Dr. Horowitz, has com­bined his skills as a car­toon­ist and lec­turer to push the enve­lope in human resource prac­tice and edu­ca­tion, and has come up with sev­eral inno­v­a­tive approaches.