Ileana Surducan

TEXTOHREN RO - RZ.inddIleana Surducan 51* 1987 in Cluj-Napoca / Romania. M.A. in ceramics at the University for Art and Design in Cluj. She drew her first comics for 30 jours de BD in 2007. The idea to publish Glorioasa Fanzină with her sister Maria and friends came from a workshop with Olivier Bron and Simon Liberman. Worked for French publisher Makaka, with whom she printed 2 albums. Her comics appear in Romanian, French and Polish anthologies and fanzines. She has shown work in Cluj and New York. Her topics arise out of the moment, always with a smirk. She prefers watercolour and also coloured pencil, marker and ink. She lives and works as comics author, commercial artist and ceramics artist in Cluj.