Linda Barkász

TEXTOHREN RO - RZ.inddLinda Barkasz 5* 1985 in Arad / Romania, pseu­do­nym: Newclearfairy. Art degree from the University of Timişoara. She was inspired to write comics by the Cartoon Network, the Samurai Jack series from the US, the world of manga and Japanese anime like Sailor Moon. This medium, unlike illus­tra­tion, allows her to repro­duce her own imag­i­nary or actual real­ity in a kind of chrono­log­i­cal sequence of images and text. Her works have been shown in Timişoara, Arad, Sibiu, Bucharest and New York. The mag­a­zines Aooleu, Omagiu and Sefeu have printed her comics. She lives and works as a free­lance painter and illus­tra­tor in Arad.