Nicolae Timotei Drob

TEXTOHREN RO - RZ.inddNicolae Timotei drob 53* 1986 in Braşov / Romania. Studied architecture in Bucharest. As a student he made contact with Cristian Dârstar, who opened up the world of manga to him. Fascinated, he read manga at the Japanese cultural center in Braşov and began to draw manga himself. His techniques vary from traditional pen and ink, watercolor and precision brushwork all the way to computers and Photoshop collage. His subject matter includes social criticism, post-orthodox satire, romance, money and power, and science fiction. More important than shows for him are publishing comics both in print and online, in Romanian manga fanzines, the journal OtakuMag, and others. Co-editor of Sefeu. He lives in Bucharest.