Roma Gavrilă

© Roma Gavrilă

* 1985 in Deva / Romania. Stu
died tex­tiles and fash­ion design at the University of Cluj (M.A.). Erasmus schol­ar­ship to Łodz / Poland. A work­shop at the French Cultural Centre in Cluj brought her closer to comics as her medium of expres­sion. She explores the pos­si­ble inter­faces between fash­ion design, embroi­dery, comics and fine art. Her sto­ries often take place in a dream world; she is fas­ci­nated by the super­nat­ural and the won­drous. Numerous shows in Romania and Poland. She has pub­lished in Polish, French and Romanian fanzines, espe­cially in Glorioasa Fanzină, which deci­sively influ­enced the Polish fanzine Deus ex Machina. She lives and works as a graphic designer and illus­tra­tor in Cluj.

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