Glorioasa Fanzină

In December 2008, Ileana and Maria Surducan began their work for — as the name recalls — this ‘glorious’ comics journal (it is, after all, a fanzine). Their aim is to promote this type of magazine in Romania, while at the same time distancing themselves markedly from commercial publications. Glorioasa Fanzină has grown to become a trend-setter, inspiring amateurs in turn to publish other comics fanzines like Deus ex Machina in Poland and Co-mixer in Bulgaria. At the moment, Glorioasa Fanzină is the only publication for experimental comics in Cluj. It is now off ered nationwide in the Cărtureşti bookstore, as well as in the Fabrica de Pensule, a former paintbrush factory in Cluj, and the bookstore Jumătatea plină (The Full Half) in Bucharest. The journal has up to this point worked with collaborators from Cluj, Târgu Mureş and Bucharest, as well as France, Ireland, Poland and Bulgaria.