Jumătatea plină


Octav Avramescu and Anamaria Pravicencu first expe­ri­enced comics while study­ing abroad. In 2006 they founded Jumătatea plină (The Full Half), one thing led to another, and now they look after a very spe­cialised book­store at MNAC – Bucharest’s con­tem­po­rary art museum. They also pub­lish, organ­ise events, screen­print, and any­thing else that comes their way. They are enthu­si­as­tic about the local scene and believe that the comics proto-genre, anachro­nis­tic high-art, smarty-pants, out-there, so-so efforts of indie ser­ial pub­lish­ers give their import-export divi­sion the best hopes – Librăria Jumătatea plină!