Komikaze is a network for spreading comic activities on the World Wide Web: rapid, electronic publication of mostly young authors’ comics. The aim is to link Komikaze comic activists from the Balkan region and Europe in order to exchange information and concrete comic products. In this way, a network for electronic distribution of comics was created. The next logical step was to publish Komikaze authors in print. Exhibits and workshops are part of the presentation and popularization of the authors as well as the discovery of new talent. In the context of related actions for the organization of (non-violent) resistance against the progressive globalization and increasing taste for institutionalized artistic production, the Komikaze program represents free and altruistic activities of artists from diŽ erent geo-strategic areas, which connects independent and uncompromising-alternativeattitudes in relation to the existing dominant artistic practice. Partners and location priorities are related to non-pro• t autonomous zones of culture. The Komikaze project was founded by Ivana Armanini in Zagreb in 2002, and registered as an association in 2008.