Kosmoplovci was cre­ated in 2001 in Belgrade by inte­grat­ing two groups: Corrosion, which dealt with com­puter ani­ma­tion and elec­tronic music, and a group of authors who worked on the mag­a­zine Striper. It is a het­ero­genic group, with­out clear man­i­fes­ta­tion. Studiostrip was also founded in 2001 and it con­sists of all the mem­bers from Kosmoplovci who deal with comics. Both groups have pub­lished mul­ti­ple printed and many elec­tronic edi­tions. Studiostrip coop­er­ates with the asso­ci­a­tion Turbo Comix (Belgrade / Pančevo), the fanzine Krpelj (Vršac), the asso­ci­a­tion Komikaze (Croatia), the fes­ti­val Crack! (Rome), and Wormgod (Malmö). They are also the co-orga­niz­ers of the fes­ti­val Novo Doba (New Age). Some of the mem­bers are Radovan Popović, Aleksandar Opačić, Danijel Savović, Lazar Bodroža. Within the pub­lish­ing house Fabrika knjiga, the edi­tion Studiostrip has been pub­lished, and edited by Radovan Popović.