Kosmoplovci was created in 2001 in Belgrade by integrating two groups: Corrosion, which dealt with computer animation and electronic music, and a group of authors who worked on the magazine Striper. It is a heterogenic group, without clear manifestation. Studiostrip was also founded in 2001 and it consists of all the members from Kosmoplovci who deal with comics. Both groups have published multiple printed and many electronic editions. Studiostrip cooperates with the association Turbo Comix (Belgrade / Pančevo), the fanzine Krpelj (Vršac), the association Komikaze (Croatia), the festival Crack! (Rome), and Wormgod (Malmö). They are also the co-organizers of the festival Novo Doba (New Age). Some of the members are Radovan Popović, Aleksandar Opačić, Danijel Savović, Lazar Bodroža. Within the publishing house Fabrika knjiga, the edition Studiostrip has been published, and edited by Radovan Popović.