Metelkova is a renowned alternative culture community in the centre of Ljubljana. It occupies the space of the former Austro-Hungarian military barracks, and it was Œ rst conceived in 1990 when 200 partner organisations came together to propose a creative and peaceful use for the space available. Today Metelkova consists of seven buildings and 12.500 m2, comprising a former prison (now the Celica Hostel), several clubs, art galleries, etc. Metelkova hosts Ljubljana’s only gay and lesbian clubs and o’ ers ethnic, sexual and other minorities the chance to socialise openly. Metelkova has endured through many threats of commercial development and it has done so with the creativity and energy of the many individuals who have had to oppose political force with physical, yet non-violent, resistance. Today its best line of defense is a nonstop events schedule and its great popularity. Metelkova often draws comparisons to Copenhagen’s Freetown Christiania.