stripnjak comics


Stripnjak (Sarajevo) is an independent small-press project dedicated to visual perversions; relentless and brutal, but sincere in its presentation of truth that is being swallowed easily by pure ignorance of modern lifestyle, of pure surrealism of our surroundings and all the other miracles. Stripnjak is focused on graphic books (graphic albums, comic collections and illustrated art books), minicomics & zines (short comics and fanzines), Stripe Zvukan edition (comics and sound multimedia) and exhibitions. Editors: Konstantin Ribnikowski, Ella Gall i Andreas Brandal. For now published authors: Šefik Tatlić (BiH), Neven Misaljević (BiH), Ella Gall (BiH), Kostja Ribnik (BiH), Andreas Brandal (Norway), Aleksander Ćurić (Serbia), Nicola Vinciguerra (Italy), Svaig (Croatia), Paul Jeter (USA), Robert Clemmons jr. (USA), Aaron Norhanian (USA), Third I (Serbia).