Balázs Gróf


* in Pécs / Hungary. Art degree from Pécs University. In 1996, the cul­tur­al pro­gram book­let Pécsi Est pub­lished his first comics series Flinter. Even today his comics are a stan­dard com­po­nent of  this pub­li­ca­tion through­out all of Hungary. Magazines such as Roham and Stripburger have print­ed his work. Exhibitions in Hungary, Portugal, Belgium and Serbia. Participant in the Grrr!Festival 2006 in Pančevo, Serbia. He is active in pro­mot­ing con­nec­tions between the Hungarian and Scandinavian comics scenes. Gróf also works as video and ani­ma­tion artist, com­mer­cial artist and jour­nal­ist. He cur­rent­ly lives in Pécs. 

Balazs Grof 20