Damir Pavić-Septic

septicSeptic 42* 1969 in Subotica / Serbia. His ear­li­est comics first appeared in 1987 in Meteor and oth­er fanzines. Influenced by the punk, hard­core and anar­chy scenes, he pub­lished work in the cor­re­spond­ing fanzines of Yugoslavia and Hungary. As illus­tra­tor, graph­ic artist and author, he was active in a vari­ety of ways in Subotica‘s youth, music, the­atre and art scenes. He col­lab­o­rat­ed there­after with the Kosmoplovci group in Belgrade. His active peri­od with Entropija, an artists’ col­lec­tive from Subotica, can be con­sid­ered the most pro­duc­tive phase of his artis­tic out­put. In 2006 he formed and has since organ­ised the Insomnia Project in Pančevo, Bačka Topla and Subotica. Collaboration for the lit­er­ary mag­a­zine Symposion