Ileana Surducan

© Ileana Surducan

Ileana Surducan 51* 1987 in Cluj-Napoca / Romania. M.A. in ceram­ics at the University for Art and Design in Cluj. She drew her first comics for 30 jours de BD in 2007. The idea to pub­lish Glorioasa Fanzină with her sis­ter Maria and friends came from a work­shop with Olivier Bron and Simon Liberman. Worked for French pub­lish­er Makaka, with whom she print­ed 2 albums. Her comics appear in Romanian, French and Polish antholo­gies and fanzines. She has shown work in Cluj and New York. Her top­ics arise out of the moment, always with a smirk. She prefers water­colour and also coloured pen­cil, mark­er and ink. She lives and works as comics author, com­mer­cial artist and ceram­ics artist in Cluj.