Izar Lunaček

TEXTOHREN SL - RZ.inddIzar Lunacek 36Born in 1979 in Ljubljana, where he stud­ied paint­ing and obtained a Ph.D. in phi­los­o­phy. Both of these pas­sions are inter­vowen in his comics, which he has been devot­ed to since the age of 15. By now he has pub­lished sev­er­al com­ic books and the pop­u­lar online com­ic Paradise Misplaced. His work often walks the line between oppo­sites: between humour and eroti­cism, micro­cos­mos and macro­cos­mos, expres­sion­ism and atten­tion to detail. Lunaček is also the mas­ter­mind of Stripolis, a month­ly gath­er­ing of Slovenian and for­eign cartoonists.