Linda Barkász


* 1985 in Arad / Romania, pseu­do­nym: Newclearfairy. Art degree from the University of Timişoara. She was inspired to write comics by the Cartoon Network, the Samurai Jack series from the US, the world of man­ga and Japanese ani­me like Sailor Moon. This medi­um, unlike illus­tra­tion, allows her to repro­duce her own imag­i­nary or actu­al real­i­ty in a kind of chrono­log­i­cal sequence of images and text. Her works have been shown in Timişoara, Arad, Sibiu, Bucharest and New York. The mag­a­zines Aooleu, Omagiu and Sefeu have print­ed her comics. She lives and works as a free­lance painter and illus­tra­tor in Arad. 

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