Miroslav Lazendić — dr Gnoj


* 1980 in Novi Sad / Serbia, grew up in Subotica. He has always loved to draw. He dis­cov­ered this par­tic­u­lar style of comics as his pre­ferred medi­um, because there are no rules to fol­low, but rather total artis­tic free­dom. He also uses this free­dom to crit­i­cize injus­tice. Dark humour suits him. He most­ly works in ink, silkscreen and col­lage. So far his comics have been shown in Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden and Croatia. Magazines such as Symposion, Stripburger and Komikaze have pub­lished his work. He lives as a free artist in Subotica. 

Miroslav Lazendic 34