Primož Bertoncelj


Born in Ljubljana in 1980, where he stud­ied archi­tec­ture. It was his old­er broth­er, Matjaž Bertoncelj, who first intro­duced him to com­ic books. Primož was only fif­teen years old when he cre­at­ed the char­ac­ters of his now icon­ic com­ic book Joker, which still runs today in a com­put­er mag­a­zine of the same name. His imagery is almost sym­bol­ist, his line is bro­ken and aggre­sive, and there­fore reflects the nature of his absur­dist vignettes. Primož Bertoncelj’s work has been fea­tured in sev­er­al exhi­bi­tions, while he remains a dis­tinct­ly inde­pen­dent author.

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