Sorina Vazelina


* 1986 in Timişoara / Romania. Studied graph­ic design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Timişoara. She dis­cov­ered comics some­what ran­dom­ly, as her books com­bine text and image in the form of pic­ture diaries. This has lead to her pub­lish­ing var­i­ous works along with Matei Branea and Miloš Jovanović in Aooleu, Hardcomics and a few antholo­gies. She has exhib­it­ed in the Comic Salon in Bucharest, among oth­er venues. Her tech­niques vary from graphite, ink, water­col­or and col­lage all the way to com­put­er illus­tra­tion. She lives and works as a web and brand design­er, illus­tra­tor and comics author in Bucharest.

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