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Elektrika is an exhi­bi­tion space in Pančevo, where, since January 2007, an infor­mal group of artists, orga­niz­ers, and pro­mot­ers have been active most­ly in the domains of writ­ing comics, graph­ic art, and exper­i­men­tal music. They are a part of the inter­na­tion­al net­work of alter­na­tive cul­tur­al cen­ters, pub­lish­ers, and fes­ti­vals with whom they coop­er­ate with and exchange pro­grams. In March 2011 they found­ed the Association of Citizens Elektrika, which has most­ly been active in the field of pro­duc­tion and pub­lish­ing with­in the domain of alter­na­tive comics. Besides this, they orga­nize com­ic work­shops in nature, artists in res­i­dence pro­grams in Pančevo, and fes­ti­vals of alter­na­tive culture.