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The Society of Comics Lovers Stripoholik was estab­lished in 2006. The goals of the soci­ety are to inform the pub­lic about com­ic books, to pop­u­lar­ize com­ic books among the gen­er­al pub­lic and to enable its mem­bers easy access to com­ic albums. The soci­ety runs its inter­net forum and auc­tions, orga­nizes read­ings, comics bazaars and fes­ti­vals, as well as meet­ings between authors and fans. The soci­ety used to have its own read­ing room and shop called Stripoholik, but it had to be closed down in 2008 due to lack of time and funds. That read­ing room was the venue for the Œ first comics bazaar in Ljubljana, but since its clo­sure the bazaars take place at the pri­ma­ry school Ledina in Ljubljana, four times a year. The soci­ety also pub­lish­es its own fanzine. Stripoholik has around 30 members.